About Us

All India Muslims Federation (AIMF)
(For empowerment & welfare of Muslims : Reg. No. 3167/2001)
An integral constituent of Azad Hind Parishad
Our Respected brothers and sisters ! Salaam Alikum
About the All India Muslims Federation is a Society for the welfare and empowerment of Muslims. It draws its WILL from its General Body Meeting (GBM) of each village / Municipal Ward, mandal / tahsil, district, state and all India level. GBM consist of all its members that forecasts, plans and coordinates the socio-economic advancement of the Muslims. The respective GBM elects its respective Executive Committee members consisting of a President, Vice Presidents, General Secretary, Secretaries, Jt Secretary and Treasure. The villae/ward GBM also elects its 5 delegates who shall represent at the AIMF’s Mandal GBM, Division- Parliament Constituency GBM, District GBM, State GBM and All India GBM and resolve the issues pertaining to Muslms in their respecive areas. Each committee addresses AIMF’s objectives in their respective area and works for the all round development of Muslims through the Constitutional means.
Aims of our All India Muslims Federation (AIMF). The following are some of its aims and objectives.

(1) Lay a road map for the all round advancement of the Muslims.
(2) Fight for educational, professional and employment advancement of the Muslims.
(3) Promote self help groups of the Muslims.
(4) Fight for the constitutional rights of the Muslims.
(5) Fight for reservation of 12% to Muslims-BCs 50%, Dalits -30%, Christians-5%, EBCs 3% (by mutual support through Azad Hindu Parishad) in the executive, legislature & judiciary.
(6) Protect lives, properties and self respect of Muslims.
(7) Promote exclusive schools, colleges with hostels for children of its members.
(8) Fight for the self employment loans for Muslims.
(9) Promote cottage and small scale industries for Muslims.
(10) Organise respective state's Muslims Trade and Industries Federation.
(11) To represent the problems of Muslims at the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary.
(12) Provide legal aid and render family counselling to contain domestic violence.
(13) Promote avenues for self employment to Muslims and its sister concerned confederation’s members.
(14) Provide medical aid to its poor members through its hospitals.
(15) Promote leadership of Muslims and its confederation’s members as the Councillors, Ward members, Sarpanch, MPTCs, ZPTCs, ZP Chairmen, MLAs, MLCs and MPs.
(16) Promote products manufactured and services provided by the Muslims.
(17) Give coaching to the children of its poor members, admit their children in the Govt Schools.
(18) Encourage Muslim farmers for the commercial farming.
(19) Provide house sites, houses, and fight for allotment of government plots to Muslims.
(20) Organise coaching for IAS, IPS, and Commissioning in Armed Forces etc., Among Others

Our disunity results in our backwardness: Though the Muslims are more than 18 % of the population, they continue to reel under poverty and helplessness due to their disunity. Let us unite and lay our road map for our Individual and collective development.

Voice of AIMF: Indian White Paper English Daily on media list of Govt of Telangana,Govt of AP & Govt of India is Voice of the All India Muslims Federation. Visits its online edition www.indianwhitepaper.com Members’ classified ads are published free of cost in the Indian White Paper.

Annual Membership fee: The membership fee is used for its village/ward committee in achievening its objectives at village or ward level. The membership fee is auditable by its members through GBM and also by the internal and external auditors. The annual membership fee is as under :
(i) Poor below poverty line : Nil.
(ii) Lower Middle Class : Rs. 100/-
(iii) Upper Middle Class (IT Payers) : As Desired
Note: Membership fee is used for meeting expences of orginazational meetings.
All India Muslims Federation
National Convener & Founder President : MA Mujeeb, M.P.M, LLB., (Advocate, High Court)
Editor, Indian White Paper (English Daily: www.indianwhitepaper.com)
TS President: MA Hameed Saberi
AP President: MD Ismail
Tamilnadu State: Syed Jaffer Shariff
Karnataka President: Mrs. Syeda Muskan Jahan
Kerala President: Mohammed Khaja Basha Etc.,
Office : 186, Madhuranagar RK Puram (PO) Secunderabad. Telangana State - 500 056
Phone. 91-9948293679.
email. aiMuslimsfederation@gmail.com
web site : www.allindiaMuslimsfederation.com