All India MUSLIMS Federation (AIMF)

Sub : Seeking membership to our All India MUSLIMS Federation to eradicate poverty, for empowerment, welfare, social justice, functional democracy and secularism.

Our Respected brothers and sisters ! Assalamu Alikum
About the All India MUSLIMS Federation (AIMF) : AIMF is a Society for the welfare and empowerment of Muslims. It draws its WILL from its General Body Meeting (GBM) of each village / Municipal Ward, mandal / tahsil, district, state and all India level. GBM consist of all its members that forecasts, plans and coordinates the socio-economic advancement of the Muslims. The respective GBM elects its respective Executive Committee members consisting of a President, Vice Presidents, General Secretary, Secretaries, Jt Secretary and Treasure. The villae/ward GBM also elects its 5 delegates who shall represent at the MP’s Mandal GBM, Division- Parliament Constituency GBM, District GBM, State GBM and All India GBM and resolve the issues pertaining to Muslms in their respecive areas. Each committee addresses All India MUSLIMS Federation's objectives in their respective area and works for the all round development of Muslims through the Constitutional means.